Terms of Use

1.     General

1.1  Gordon Gallery's website (the "Site" or the "Gallery's Site") serves as a platform for presenting the Gallery's activities and art works offered for sale by the Gallery.

1.2  The provisions of these terms of use are drafted in the masculine gender for convenience purposes only, but apply to both genders equally.

 1.3  The very use of the Site for any purpose whatsoever, constitutes confirmation that you have read the terms of use specified below, approved them and consented to them, and that you and/or anyone on your behalf will have no claim and/oraction and/or demand, directly or indirectly, against the owners of the Gallery and/or the Site and/or the Site's operators and/or any of them and/or anyone on their behalf.

 1.4  The Gallery reserves the right to update and change the terms of use from time to time, at its sole and exclusive discretion, without any warning and/or prior notice. In the event the terms of use are changed as aforesaid, the effective date of any such change will be the date on which the revised and updated terms of use were initially posted on the Site, and any use of the Site thereafter will be subject to the updated terms of use. The user will have no claim against the Gallery and/or anyone on its behalf due to any such change or revision.

 1.5  On any issue or matter concerning the use of the Site, please contact the Gallery by phone +972 52-6322262 or e-mail gordongl@netvision.net.il.


2.     Terms of Use

2.1  The Site presents, inter alia, images of the works sold by the Gallery. It is clarified that the images may differ from the actual work (including variations of color, texture, size etc.).

2.2  No undertaking is made by the Gallery regarding the availability of the works presented on the Site for sale, either immediately or in general. Works presented may have been sold and may be with drawn by the Gallery from the list of works available for sale at any time.

2.3  Each work presented on the Site will be linked to a form which may be completed by you and with which you may contact the Gallery with respect to said work (the "Contact Form").

2.4  In the Contact Form you will be requested to complete your details, including your full name (first name and surname or company's name), telephone number and e-mail address.

The Gallery and/or the Site and/or any of its operators and/or anyone on their behalf will have no responsibility for any error made by you while completing the Contact Form.

2.5  The details of your acts on the Site, including the details provided while completing the Contact Form, will not be divulged by the Site's operators to external parties, unless they are required to do so by law.

2.6  Your personal details (name, electronic mail etc.) will be stored in the company's database. The company will not transfer your personal details to any other body, unless it was demanded to do so by any state authority.

2.7  The company may use your personal details, without revealing your specific identity, for statistical data analysis and for the presentation and/or transfer thereof to third parties.

2.8  The Gallery's Site may use in the framework of its current operations cookies and tracking technology including internal and external statistical interfaces to statistically analyze visitors' use of the Site. In addition, the Site may use different tools including smart chat and other softwares to support users and to improve the services provided to the Site's visitors based on their previous preferences.


3.     Limitation of Liability

3.1  The Gallery and/or anyone on its behalf will bear no responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect damage of any kind and nature whatsoever which maybe caused to any Site user and/or any third party due to the occurrence of any of the following events, and should any of the following events occur the Gallery may notify of the cancelation of any on-line purchase transaction, in whole or in part:

  3.1.1       Any act and/or omission which is not under the Gallery's control, including, but not limited to – as a result of force majeure, such as: war, earthquake, and the like.

  3.1.2       Communication problem (internet, telephone or facsimile) arising from any act and/or omission and/or negligence of any internet supplier and/or telephone and/or facsimile communication supplier.

3.2  The Site will present from time to time, in the course of its current activity, recommendations made by curators and/or other professionals for different works. It is here by clarified that neither the person making the recommendation nor the Gallery and/or the company will bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever in connection with the items being the subject matter of any such recommendation, including with respect to the quality or value of said items.          


4.     Indemnification and Compensation for Inappropriate Use of the Site

Anyone using the Site in appropriately undertakes to indemnify and compensate the Gallery and/or the Site owners and/or creators and/or any of the Site's operators and/or managers and/or anyone on their behalf for any action and/or cost or expense and/or damages of any kind and nature whatsoever including legal costs, which will be inflicted on the Gallery and/or the Site owners and/or creators and/or any of the Site's operators and/or managers and/or anyone on their behalf.  


5.     Intellectual Property

5.1  The intellectual property in the Site, its content, design, artworks and texts presented therein, the interface etc., are owned by the Gallery. Accordingly, the copying of any text or image from the Site is conditioned on and subject to the Gallery's prior written approval.

5.2  Any commercial use of said data and images is prohibited without the Gallery's prior written consent.


6.     Consent to Receive Advertisements

6.1  The Gallery will post from time to time, on an ongoing basis, information and updates concerning the Gallery's activities, news, events, additional information on artists, promotional articles in the arts etc. For this purpose, users will be given the opportunity to sign-up to the newsletter posted by the Gallery from time to time.

6.2   By signing-up to the newsletter, you convey your consent to receive from the Gallery e-mails consisting, inter alia, of marketing materials.

6.3  You may inform the Gallery at any time that you wish to be removed from the mailing list by sending an appropriate e-mail message to that effect to: gordongl@netvision.net.il.


7.     Jurisdiction

Any dispute between the Gallery and any user concerning the use of the Site and/or the acquisition of products through the Site and/or any other matter, will be solely governed by Israeli law and the competent courts in the district of Tel Aviv – Yafo will have exclusive jurisdiction over any such matters.  

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