ABOUT: by Elad Sarig

ARTISTS: All artist portraits by Ariel Hacohen with exception of Uri Lifshitz by Shosh Kormosh, Shosh Kormosh self portrait, Deganit Berest by Uri Gershuni, Tsibi Geva by Sharon Pulwer and Raffi Lavie by Amon Yariv

CURATED: Wael Wakim

OUR STORIES: Amir Shefet by Anat peled, Uri Lifshitz by Anat Peled, Erez Aharon by Anat Peled, Gal Weinstein by Anat Peled, Sasha Serber by Anat Peled, Philip Rantzer by Anat Peled, Avyam Sculpture Garden by Dorchin by Evyatar Hershtik, Ella Amitay Sadovsky by Chen Yahav, Benno Kalev by Amon Yariv, Ofer Shapira by Ariel Hacohen, Matan Kanety by Ariel Hacohen, Roni Gilat-Baharaff by Ariel Hacohen, Yifat Gurion by Noga Shadmi Van De Reep.

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