About Gordon Now

Gordon Gallery, the pioneer of contemporary art galleries in Israel, is launching a new initiative Gordon Now, A way to Israeli art.

The gallery located on 6 Hapelech st. and the website will focus on presenting the best contemporary Israeli art to new audiences that wish to learn and start collecting Israeli art.

Established in 1966, Gordon Gallery is the leading gallery for Israeli art. It represents many of the most prominent and influential artists working in Israel. It holds one of the largest collections of contemporary Israeli art worldwide. part of it is on loan to major art institutions in the country.

Gordon Gallery's newly-launched, weekly-updated site will offer artworks by leading artists at affordable prices, remaining committed to the highest standards.

Works on the site are usually in the range of $1,000-5,000 with a few exceptions. Prices include shipping, and do not include VAT.

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6 Hapelech St. Tel Aviv