Gordon Gallery Sculpture Garden

Located on 4 Ha'Manoa St., 100 meters from the main Gallery at 5 Hazerem st., Gordon Gallery Sculpture Garden is an outdoor space dedicated to Israeli sculptures from the 1940's until today. click here to get the full garden map (PDF file)

The Gordon Gallery Sculpture Garden first opened on December 6th, and marks the third Gordon Gallery location at the Givat Hertzel neighborhood. Since it's opening it housed numerus sculptures by Israel's best sculptors; including Yaacov Dorchin, Yechiel Shemi, Dina Recanati, Michael Gross, Ofer Lellouche, Dani Karavan, Sigalit Landau, Uri Lifshitz, Maya Cohen Levy, Jan Rauchwerger, Sasha Serber and Philip Ranzer.

The garden is usually open by appointment only, In case you'd like to visit please call Amon at +972-52-6322262, or email us gordongl@netvision.net.il

מידע נוסף על התערוכה
Yaacov Dorchin
Portrait of the Artist as an Infantile, Two Dead Turtles, Clouds and Sausages
Gordon Gallery Sculpture Garden
198x138x47 cm