Sharon Poliakine
Sharon Poliakine, Sharon Poliakine, UntitledSharon Poliakine, UntitledSharon Poliakine, Untitled Sharon Poliakine, UntitledSharon Poliakine, Untitled
Sharon Poliakine, Cyclamen MoundSharon Poliakine, The School of Athens I   Sharon Poliakine, The School of Athens IISharon Poliakine, MoundSharon Poliakine, Ghost Image IISharon Poliakine, Ghost Image III
Sharon Poliakine, IsometrySharon Poliakine, Over View to Cheek Sharon Poliakine, Unknown Artist Sharon Poliakine, ProfileSharon Poliakine, After William Turner, Fire at SeaSharon Poliakine, Cheek to Cheek 2
Sharon Poliakine, Ignorant Field (diptych)Sharon Poliakine, Master Prints of JapanSharon Poliakine, UntitledSharon Poliakine, Cast Out the BeamSharon Poliakine, ArchesSharon Poliakine, Empty Case
Sharon Poliakine, Evacuation IV

Sharon Poliakine, Evacuation I

Sharon Poliakine, Evacuation II

Sharon Poliakine, Evacuation II (detail)Sharon Poliakine, Evacuation III

Sharon Poliakine, Evacuation III (detail)

Sharon Poliakine talks about her work - Forever Faithfull II


Born in Haifa, 1964
Lives and works in Tel Aviv
1989  BA, Graphic Design, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem
1987  Master Printer, Jerusalem  Print Workshop
1992-1997 Printmaking Tutor, Art Department, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem
1996  Artist Exchange Project with the Glasgow Print Workshop, Scotland
1998  Printmaking Tutor, Art Department, University of Lancaster, England
2002-2007 Art Professor, University of Haifa
Since 2007 Head of the Art Department, University of Haifa

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1992  Lohamei Hagetaot Gallery, Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot 
The Jerusalem Artist's House, Jerusalem
1993  The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1994  Lohamei Hagetaot Gallery, Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot
1995  Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv
1999  "Places of Silence", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv
2001  "To Love Anyway", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv
2002  "From Dawn to Sunrise - Etchings", Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem; Bineth  Gallery, Tel Aviv; Tel Aviv Museum of Art
‏2003  "Backyard", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv
2004-2005 "Expropriation", Mishkan Le'Omanut- Museum of Art, Ein Harod
2005  "The Butterfly Effect", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv
2007  "In Person", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2008  "Time", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv      
2009 "Nicole", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2011 "Ignorant Field", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2011 "Test Case", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 "Eight Measures of Drawing", Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod
2013 "Cast Out the Beam", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2014 Joint exhibition with Liliane Klapisch, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Joint exhibition with Alima, Gordon Gallery 2, Tel Aviv
2016 "Tomorrow-Past", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
Selected Group Exhibitions 

1990  "Print Exhibition", The Artist House, Tel Aviv
1991  "The Print Trienalle", France
1992  "New Acquisitions", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv Museum of Art 
Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv
1993  "Print Exhibition", Mashida Museum, Japan 
"Feedback", The Jerusalem Print Workshop
"Silent Vision", Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York
1994  "Israeli and Palestinian Artists Exhibition", France 
"Private Collection", The Jerusalem Print Workshop
"Gallery Collection", Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem 
"The Printer's Imprint", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1995  "Saved Collection", The Jerusalem Print Workshop
1997  "Homage to Bertha Urdang", Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem
2000  "The Print and the Poem", The Jerusalem Print Workshop 
"Focus on Painting", Haifa Museum of Art
2001  "Dyo-Eikon: Portrait Exhibition", Jerusalem Print Workshop
"Dialogue", The House of the Israeli Parliament, Jerusalem
"Artic 3", The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University 
"The Ministry of Education Award Exhibition", Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan 
"Exhibition 28 – New Printings", The Jerusalem Print Workshop
"Homage to Kupfermann", Artspace Gallery, Jerusalem
"The Sylvia and Arturo Schwartz Contemporary Art Collection", Tel  Aviv Museum of Art
2003  "Metamorphosis – Works by Young Israeli Artists", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2004  "Shame", The Digital Art Center, Holon 
"Dispossession", The Museum of Art, Ein Harod 
"Homage to Hanoch Levin", Haifa Museum of Art
2005  "Forms of Freedom: Young Israeli Artists", traveling exhibition in Ukraine
2005-2006 "Orlando", Jerusalem Print Workshop; curators: Sharon Poliakine & Osnat Rechter
2006  "Restraint", exhibition in the series "Elections 2006", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator:  Sharon Poliakine
"Artist's Books", published by Gottesman and the Cabri Print Workshop, Tel Aviv Museum 
of Art
"Art and Brain", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2007 "Traces; The Third Biennial for Drawing in Israel", The Artists House, Jerusalem
"On a Small Scale", The Jerusalem Print Workshop
2009 "Oppurtune Support; Kupferman House Collection", Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot
2010  "More Than One", The Jerusalem Print Workshop
2011  "Group Exhibition from the Gallery Collection", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 "Parallel", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
"After", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2013 "Summer Exhibition", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2014 "Chicago Triangle", Haifa Mueum of Art
2015 "Summer Exhibition", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2017 "Ingathering" 10th Anniversary to The Rappaport Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv 


Prizes and Awards 
1989  America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship
The Hermann Struck Prize for Graphic Arts, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, 
The Samuel Prize, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
1990  America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship
1992  Eugen Kolb Prize for Israeli Graphic Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts Prize, Tokyo
2000  The Prize for the Encouragement of Creativity, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
2001  Hadassah and Raphael Klachkin Prize, America–Israel Cultural Foundation
2003 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, USA 
2007  The Prize for Visual Artists, Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport Prize
Oscar Hendler Prize, Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot
2010 The Rappaport Prize for an Established Israeli Painter‏

Selected Collections
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Museum of Art, Ein Harod
The Public Library, New York
The British Museum, London 
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