Sigal Tsabari
Sigal Tsabari, Each One for HerselfSigal Tsabari, Eggplant EggplantSigal Tsabari, OpeningsSigal Tsabari, Afternoon in RedSigal Tsabari, Campanile next to the churchSigal Tsabari, Hidden in the Tree
Sigal Tsabari, Iris's faceSigal Tsabari, Integration into GrowthSigal Tsabari, Delft TilesSigal Tsabari, Brussels SproutsSigal Tsabari, NeighboursSigal Tsabari, Waltz

Born in Israel, 1966

Lives and works in Rishon LeZion


1984–1981    Art Major, Ironi Hey High School, Haifa

1986–1988    Studied art at the Avni Institute with the artist Israel Hershberg

2008–2002    Taught at the Visual Art Institute, Petach Tikva

2013–2006    Teaches at the Jerusalem Studio School
2011–2010    Taught in the Certosa Studio Program, Sienna, Italy

2011             Invited artist at the Jerusalem Print Workshop

2012            Summer art program in Civita Castellana, Italy

2013            Teaches at Hacubia, Jerusalem

Solo Exhibitions

2001            Golconda Fine Art, Tel Aviv

2003            Golconda Fine Art, Tel Aviv

2007            "Recent Works," Jerusalem Studio School

2010            "Reflection From Within," Rothschild Fine Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013             Recipients of the Haim Shiff Award for Figurative-Realist Art, 2012 
    Tel Aviv Museum of Art (cat.)

2016             "Syncope", Jerusalem Print Workshop (cat.)

2017     "Transitions", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.)

Group Exhibitions

1995             "Mirror," youth wing, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2000             "From Post Impressionism to Post Zionism," UBS Bank, New York

2002             "Portraits from Antiquity to Present," Tel Aviv Museum of Art

2003–2002    "Food in Art," youth wing, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2003             "Facing the Real," Artists House, Jerusalem

                     "Flowers in Israeli Art," The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2005              Golconda Fine Art, Tel Aviv

2006              "Anonymous Exhibition," University of Haifa Art Gallery

2008              Rothschild Fine Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009              "The Unbelievable is Right Here," Rothschild Fine Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010              "Small," Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem

2010–2011     "Caught In The Thicket," Drawing Biennial, Artists House, Jerusalem

2012              "An Artist Peers Out From Behind His Work," Beit Haomanut, Mevaseret Zion

2014              "Skipping the Abstract", Raanana Open University

2016-2017      "From The Studio", Hacubia, Jerusalem 

2017               Fresh Paint 9, "Pantoms", Tel Aviv 


2012               Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative-Realist Art
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