Philip Rantzer
Philip Rantzer, UntitledPhilip Rantzer, HousesPhilip Rantzer, FriendsPhilip Rantzer, Cactus  Philip Rantzer, Father and sonPhilip Rantzer, Couple
Philip Rantzer, BoatPhilip Rantzer, HousesPhilip Rantzer, Hanarkis 8 Philip Rantzer, UntitledPhilip Rantzer, You and MePhilip Rantzer, Giraffe
Philip Rantzer, FatherPhilip Rantzer, UntitledPhilip Rantzer, UntitledPhilip Rantzer, Black and White CirculePhilip Rantzer, America Philip Rantzer,  America
Philip Rantzer,  AsiaPhilip Rantzer, AustraliaPhilip Rantzer, EuropePhilip Rantzer, africaPhilip Rantzer, AfricaPhilip Rantzer, Bambi
Philip Rantzer,  Tree CooksPhilip Rantzer, Kid Scale ClassroomPhilip Rantzer,  UntitledPhilip Rantzer,  The Great VehiclePhilip Rantzer, UntitledPhilip Rantzer, Untitled


Philip Rantzer talks about his work - Bambi

Born in Romania, 1958 
Immigrated to Israel, 1960 
Lives and works in Tel-Aviv 

1979-1981 Art Teachers’ Training College, Ramat Hasharon
1993 MA, Art Teachers’ Training College, Beit Berl
1995  Senior Lecturer, Department of Fine Art, University of Haifa
2002-2007 Head of the Department of Fine Art, University of Haifa 
Selected Solo Exhibitions


1980 Shinar Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1984 "Family Paintings", Prose Gallery, Tel Aviv
The Aquarium Gallery, Tel Aviv
1985 Ehad Haam 90 Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987 "Down with Progress", Artifact, Tel Aviv
1988 "From the Diary of a Freedom Fighter", Janco Dada Museum, Israel
Rega Gallery, Tel Aviv
"Window Displays & Flower Arrangements", Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv
1990 "Hands", Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv
"Question Mark Exclamation Mark", Oranim, the Art Institute’s Gallery
1991 "The Gun, the Knife, the Candle and the Notebook", Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios
1992 Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv
"Sometimes I Get a Hankering for My Wife", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1993 Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv
Hof & Huyser Gallery, Amsterdam
1994 "I Love Art and Art Loves Me", City Museum, Gottingen, Germany
1995 Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv
Ashlers Gallery, Gottingen, Germany
Municipal Gallery, Bremen, Germany
1996 City Gallery, Gutersloh, Germany
"The Nes Ziona Box", the Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios
City Museum, Erfurt, Germany
1997 Municipal Gallery, Bremen, Germany
1998 "White Dreams", Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv
Municipal Gallery, Celle, Germany
'Drawings", Ashlers Gallery, Gottingen, Germany
"Drawings", Galerie David, Bielefeld, Germany
1999 Venice Biennale Italy
2000 "La Cura Di Bellezza" (‘Beauty Treatment’), Montemarcello, Italy (cat)
"The Class", Alon High School of Arts Gallery, Ramat Hasharon       
"Work from the Venice Biennale", Herzliya Museum
2001 Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv
2001-2003 "3 projects" (limited editions), Loushy Art Editions, Tel Aviv
2002 Tel Aviv Museum, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion
2003 The National Museum for Contemporary Art, Bucharest Romania
Nachshon Gallery, kibbutz Nachshon
2005 "The Five Continents", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008 "So, What Do You See Now?", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 "Look Back in Anger", Tefen Open Museum , Tefen

2011 "Fleur De Savane", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016 "Melancholic Portrait 1976 - 2016", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017  Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

Selected Group Exhibitions

1982  "Invited Guests", Naomi Givon Art Gallry, Tel Aviv 
1983  Ehad Haam 90 Gallery, Tel Aviv
Artists’ House, Jerusalem
1984  Eighty Years of Sculpture, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1986  Kalisher 5 Gallery, Tel Aviv
1987  "Available Materials", Art Workshop Gallery, Yavne
Rega Gallery, Tel Aviv
Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv
1988  Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Brooklyn Museum, New York
1989  Ramat Gan Museum
1990  Sculpture Biennale, Ein Hod
1991  Ramat Gan Museum
"Place and Mainstream: Contemporary Israeli Sculpture", Hara Museum of Contemporary  Art, Tokyo
"Fresh Paint: The Younger Generation in Israeli Art", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1992  Documenta IX, Kassel, Germany
Anlix Gallery, Geneva
1993  The Artists’ Museum, Lodz, Poland
"Antipathos: Black Humor, Irony and Cynicism in Contemporary Israeli Art", The Israel  Museum, Jerusalem
Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv
"Sculpture Exhibition", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
"Artists’ Shoes", Antwerp, Belgium
1994  "Halal" ('Space'), Sala 1 Gallery, Rome
Tel Hai 94, Sculpture Mountain, Tel Hai
Sagacho Exhibit Space, Tokyo
"The Mirrors Room", Art Focus
"Friends", Haifa Museum of Art
"The Opening Show of the Gallery and Artists Studios", Pyramida, Haifa
"Exclamation Mark", City Gallery, Kfar Sabba
1995  "Object / Subject", Herzliya Museum
Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv
"Dialogues of Peace", UN Building, Geneva
"From the Rita and Arthuro Schwarz Collection of Israeli Art", The Israel Museum
"Small Sculpture", Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv
1996  The Jewish Museum, Melbourne, Australia
Link Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv
1997  "A Passion for Books", Tel Aviv Museum
"Desert Cliché: Israel Now – Local Images", Bass Museum of Art, Miami; Grey Art Gallery,  New York University
Klugman Gallery, Paris
"Stad(t)t-art", Guterslo, Germany
1998  "Video Art", Ludwig Museum, Cologne, Germany
1999  "The 20th Anniversary of the Heitland Foundation Award", Kunsthalle, Darmstadt, 
"Good Kids, Bad Kids: Childliness in Israel Art", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
"Art Focus: International Biennale of Contemporary Art", Jerusalem
"T-Shirt", Ramat Gan Museum
"To the East", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2000  Alon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv
"Israeli Sculpture", The Open Museum, Tefen
"Love at First Sight: Works from the Arthuro Schwarz Collection", The Israel Museum,  Jerusalem
"Object of Desire", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2001  "Sponky", Exit Art, New York
"A Wall of My Own", Benno Kalev Collection, Tel Aviv Museum
2002  "September 11th", The Berlin Culture Center
"The Height of the Popular", Tel Aviv Museum
"The Borders of Sculpture", The Open Museum , Tefen
2002-2003 "The Return to Zion: Beyond the Place Principle", Time for Art, Tel Aviv
2003  "Biblical Sandals", Comme Il Faut, Tel Aviv
2005  "Handwriting", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2006  "Consider This…", Los Angeles County Meseum of Art (LACMA)
"Detail", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009  "The Three Loci", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2012  "After", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2015         "Paper-Photography: Works on paper and Photographs from the 1970's", Gordon                        Gallery 2, Tel Aviv

Selected Publications

Aharonson, Meir. Memory as History, History as Memory. Venice: Israeli Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 1999.

Direktor, Ruth. The Nes Ziona Box. Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv Artists' Studios, 1996.

Edelsztein, Serjio. Exhibition at Artifact Gallery. Tel Aviv: Artifact Gallery, 1993.

Giacinto, Di Pietrantonio. Beauty Treatment. Milano: Libri Scheiwiller, 2000.

Herns, Kerstin. I Love Art and Art Loves Me. Gottingen: City Museum, 1995.

KCHO + Rantzer. Neve Zedek: Hamivne Gallery, 2000.

Manor, Dalia. From the Diary of a Freedom Fighter. Ein Hod: Janco Dada Museum, 1988.

Salhuv, Shva, and Varda Steinlauf. Solo Exhibition Catalogue. Tel Aviv: The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2002.

The Gun, the Knife, the Candle and the Notebook. Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios, 1991.

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