Larry Abramson
Larry Abramson, Elyakim Chalakim XVILarry Abramson, Elyakim Chalakim XIILarry Abramson, Elyakim Chalakim XIIILarry Abramson, Elyakim Chalakim XIVLarry Abramson, Home LIXLarry Abramson, Home LVIII
Larry Abramson, Elyakim Chalakim XLarry Abramson, Elyakim Chalakim XILarry Abramson, Home LVILarry Abramson, Home LVIILarry Abramson, Return of the Black Square XVIILarry Abramson, Return of the Black Square XVI
Larry Abramson, Invention of Memory IIILarry Abramson, Invention of Memory IVLarry Abramson, Invention of Memory VLarry Abramson, Invention of Memory VIILarry Abramson, LIsrael-Palestine IIILarry Abramson, Israel-Palestine IV
Larry Abramson, Home XXXILarry Abramson, Gafno I Larry Abramson, Gafno II  Larry Abramson, Traces XXIILarry Abramson, Israel-Palestine ILarry Abramson, Home XXXIII
Larry Abramson, Zoreach-GoreaLarry Abramson, Yechiam B XXVIIILarry Abramson, Yechiam B XXXI Larry Abramson, Yechiam B XXXLarry Abramson, Yechiam B XXXIILarry Abramson, Kupferman's Dream VII
Larry Abramson, Symptoms- Installation viewLarry Abramson, Symptoms- Installation viewLarry Abramson, Symptoms- Installation viewLarry Abramson, Symptoms- Installation viewLarry Abramson, Symptoms- Installation viewLarry Abramson, Symptoms- Installation view
Larry Abramson, Chovevei Zion - Installation viewLarry Abramson, Chovevei Zion - Installation viewLarry Abramson, Chovevei Zion - Installation viewLarry Abramson, Chovevei Zion - Installation viewLarry Abramson, Chovevei Zion - Installation viewLarry Abramson, Chovevei Zion - Installation view

Larry Abramson talks about his work - Zoreach/Gorea

Studio Visit // August 2018

Born in South Africa, 1954
Immigrated to Israel, 1961
Lives and works in Tel Aviv


1973         Studied Foundation Course, Chelsea School of Art, London
1975-1986    Printer and Curator of Exhibitions, Jerusalem Print Workshop
1984-2002    Taught at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
1992-1999    Chairman of Fine Art Department and Head of Bezalel Program for Young Artists – 
    Master of Fine Art, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
2000, 2003    Guest Professor, San Francisco Art Institute
Since 2002    Professor of Art at the Multidisciplinary Art Department, Shenkar College, Ramat Gan
2013     Guest lecturer, Faculty of Design, HAW University, Hamburg
2013-2016    Head of Multidisciplinary Art School, Shenkar College of Engineering, 
                    Design and Art, Ramat Gan 
Selected Solo Exhibitions


1975    The Little Gallery, Jerusalem 
1977    Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv
1978    Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York 
   Russ Gallery, Tel Aviv
1979    Black Squares, Gimel Gallery, Jerusalem 
1980    The Yellow Square, Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York
1983    Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv
1986    Nevo, Aika Brown Gallery, Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem
1987    Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv
1989    Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1990    Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv
1993    Coincidences, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1994    Coincidences, Galerie Hubertus Wunschik, Dusseldorf 
           Carobglyphics, Gallery of the Art Institute, Oranim
1995    Tsooba, Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1996    Giornata, Noga Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1998    ShalomShalom, Noga Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1999    Impression, Refusalon Gallery, San Francisco
2001    Eventus Nocturnus, Haifa Museum of Art 
   Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco
2003    1906, Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco
2004    The Rose of Jericho, Jerusalem Print Workshop
2005    Searching for the Ideal City, Magnes Museum, Berkeley     
   The Pile, Felix Nussbaum Haus, Osnabrueck, and Ein Harod Museum of Art 
   The Syrian-African Fault, Beit Gavriel, Kinneret
2006    Mini Israel, 70 Models, 45 Artists, One Space - an exhibition by Larry Abramson, 
   Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2007    Recent Paintings, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2010    Larry Abramson: Paintings 1975-2010, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (cat.)
2011    Waxing/Waning, Peres Center for Peace, Jaffa
2012    1967, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
   Spies, Gallery of the Art Institute, Oranim
2013    Symptoms, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2014    Das Kleine Blumenbuch, Circle1, Berlin
2016    Chovevei Zion, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
   Botany, Jerusalem print workshop (cat.)

             Spy Apter-Barrer Gallery, Ma’alot-Tarshicha; Curator: Noga Migdal (cat.)

2018    VOLTA NY, with Gordon Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions


1979    News I, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1980    Lines into Drawing, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1981    A Turning Point, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1983    Sao Paulo Biennale of Art
1984    Flesh and Blood, Jerusalem Theatre, Ben Gurion University, Herzliya Museum        
   Two Years - Qualities Accumulated, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1985    El Mithos Lelo El, Artists' House, Jerusalem 
1986    Territories of Colour, Israeli Pavilion, Venice Biennale 
   Art - Israel, the 1980's, Richard Green Gallery, New York 
1988    Fresh Paint: The Younger Generation in Israeli Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art            
   It's Possible - Israeli-Palestinian Exhibition, Cooper Union Gallery, New York 
   Artists for Human Rights, Bograshov Gallery, Tel Aviv
1990    The Art of Description, Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
   1990, Ein Harod Museum of Art
1991    Israeli Art Now, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1992    Routes of Wandering, Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
   Einblicke-Ausblicke, Leipzig Opera House 
   Works on Paper from the 70's, Artifact Gallery, Jaffa 
   Dreams 1 and 2, Mary Fawzi Gallery, Jaffa
1993    Subtropical - Between Figuration and Abstraction, Tel Aviv Museum of Art 
   Locus - Contemporary Art from Israel, Fisher Gallery, 
           University of Southern California, Los Angeles
1994    Separate Worlds, Tel Aviv Museum of Art 
           The Printer's Imprint - Twenty Years of the Jerusalem Print Workshop, 
   Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1995    Preview from the Rita and Arturo Schwarz Collection of Israeli Art, 
           Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1997    Sharing Jerusalem - Two Capitals for Two States, Al-Wasiti Art Center, Jerusalem 
   400 Years of Art and Anatomy, Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
1998    To the East - Orientalism in the Arts in Israel, Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
   Kol Anot - Biblical Motives in Israeli Art, 1970-1998, Artists' House, Tel Aviv  
   Reflections of Monet, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 
1999    Tales of the Sands - Contemporary Israeli Art, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburg
   Artfocus, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem 
   4 Kunstler aus Jerusalem, P.C.C. Kunstraum, Weimar
2000    1:1, Refusalon Gallery, San Francisco 
   Sun, Tel Aviv Museum of Art 
   Contemporary Landscape from Israel, Trondhjems Kunstforening and Museum 
   of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Norway
2001    Love at First Sight – The Arturo Schwarz Collection of Israeli Art, 
   The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
   A Common Thread – Artists Tribute to Moshe Kupferman, Artspace 
   Gallery, Jerusalem
2002    Imagine – 300 Artists for Co-existence, Umm El Fahem Gallery 
   35 Israeli and Palestinian Artists against the Occupation and for a Common 
   Tomorrow, Hagar Gallery, Jaffa, Artists House and Al-Wasiti Art Center, Jerusalem 
   The Return to Zion: Beyond the Principle of Place, Zman Le’Omanut, Tel Aviv
2003    Ruins Revisited – The Image of the Ruin in Israel 1803-2003, 
           Zman Le’Omanut, Tel Aviv
2004    A Point of View, Tel Aviv Museum of Art 
   Branded Landscapes, Ben Gurion University, Be'er Sheva 
   First Flowers of Israeli Art, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2005    The New Hebrews – A Century of Art in Israel, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin 
   Espacios Comunes, Foundation Tres Culturas, Pabellon Hassan II, Sevilla 
   Prints and Artists' Books from the Jerusalem Print Workshop, Widener Gallery, 
   Trinity College, Hartford
2006    Etchings from the Brain, Israel Museum, Jerusalem                      
2007    Visiting Kupferman, Kupferman Collection Museum, Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot 
           On a Small Scale, Jerusalem Print Workshop  
   Desert Generation – Israeli and Palestinian Artists against 
   the Occupation, Artists' House, Jerusalem, Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, 
           Meneer deWit Gallery, Amsterdam and Gallery of Metropolitan University, Manchester. 

2008    Checkpost: the 80’s in Israeli Art, Haifa Museum of Art, curator: 

           Ilana Tennenbaum (cat.)

   The Hidden Trace: Jewish Paths through Modernity, Felix-Nussbaum-Haus, Osnabrueck, 

          curator: Inge Jaehner (cat.)

   Art of the State: Contemporary Photography and Video Art from Israel, Jewish 
   Historical Museum, Amsterdam; CC De Werft - De Halle, Geel; De Garage, 
   Cultuurcentrum, Mechelen, curator: Edward Van Voolen
   Near and Apparent: Connections and Contexts from the Benno Kalev Collection, 
   The Open Museum Tefen Industrial PArka, curator: Benno Kalev (cat.)
   Rare Medium, Center of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (cat.)
2009    Landsc®ape, Petach Tikva Museum; curator: Sigal Barkai
   Nature Nation, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, curator: Raphie Etgar (cat.)
   Special Edition: The Newspaper as Raw Material in Israeli Art, Ben Gurion 
   University of the Negev, Be'er Sheva, curators: Haim Maor and students (cat.)
   Family Traces, Israel Museum, curator: Tami Manor-Friedman
2010    More than One, Jerusalem Print Workshop; 
           Curators: Arik Kilemnik and Irena Gordon
   Nachbarn, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin, curator: Reviva Regev (catalogue)
   Traces IV – Caught in the Thicket, Fourth Biennale for Drawing, 
           Jerusalem Artists House, curator: Tamar Manor-Friedman (cat.)
2011    On the Cloud’s Edge, ALMA Home for Hebrew Culture, Tel Aviv; 
           curator: Elad Armon
   The Museum Presents Itself: Israeli Art from the Museum Collection, Tel Aviv 
   Museum of Art, curator: Ellen Ginton
2012    After, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv, curator: Shlomit Breuer
   City of God, Solyanka State Gallery, Moscow
   The Absent Body: Body Imagery between Judaism and Christianity in the Work 
   of Eight Israeli Artists, Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv, curator: Irena Gordon (cat.)
   Vayaanunu, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, curator: Ishai Menuchin (cat.)
2013    Summer Exhibition, Gordon Gallery 2, Tel Aviv
   Magia Naturalis: Israeli Artists Study Nature, p8 Gallery, Tel Aviv
   Print Time The Open Museum, Tefen Industrial Park; Curators: Ruthi Ofek, Irena Gordon
2014    Under Erasure Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Curator: Irith Hadar (cat.)
2015    Summer Exhibition, Gordon Gallery, Tel aviv
    Flora Palestina, Musrara – The New Gallery, Jerusalem; Curator: Avi Sabag 
    Unprotected Zone, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem; Curator: Raphie Etgar (cat.) 
2016     Hamagdirim, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    Take Painting Petach Tikva museum of art

Selected Prizes and Awards 
1979    Kolliner Prize for a Young Israeli Artist, Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
   Young Artist Award, Culture and Art Council
1988    America-Israel Cultural Foundation Award
1991    Jacques O’hana Prize for a Young Israeli Artist, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1993    Project Award, Ministry of Science and Arts
1998    Minister of Education and Culture Award 
2007    Mendel and Eva Pundik Prize for Israeli Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

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