Uri Lifshitz
Uri Lifshitz, UntitledUri Lifshitz, FiguresUri Lifshitz, Self Portrait Uri Lifshitz, UntitledUri Lifshitz, Uri Lifshitz, Neustein playing pool
Uri Lifshitz, UntitledUri Lifshitz, KnightsUri Lifshitz, SculpturesUri Lifshitz, KnightsUri Lifshitz, UntitledUri Lifshitz, The Last Supper
Uri Lifshitz, Untitled Uri Lifshitz, SchizophreniaUri Lifshitz, Schizophrenia Uri Lifshitz, UntitledUri Lifshitz, Mr. RabinowitzUri Lifshitz, The Last Supper
Uri Lifshitz, RabinovichUri Lifshitz, RabinovichUri Lifshitz, RabinovichUri Lifshitz, RabinovichUri Lifshitz, RabinowitzUri Lifshitz, Rabinowitz

Born in Givat Hashlosha, 1936 
Died in Tel Aviv, 2011

1959 One month course in painting under Haim Kiwe, Kibbutz Na'an

Selected Solo Exhibitions 

1961 Ekked Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1963 Paintings and Sculptures, Gallery 220, Tel Aviv  
1966 Paintings, American-Israel Gallery, New York 
1967 Konstant Munst, Amsterdam 
1968 New Works, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv  
1969 Israel Museum, Jerusalem, curator: Yona Fisher
1972 Paintings and Etchings from Spain, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv  
1974 Paintings, Drawing, Etchings, Tel Aviv Museum, curator: Haim Gamzo 
1975 Uri Lifshitz, Artist House Jerusalem 
1978 Paintings and Etchings, Museum of Art Ein Harod 
1985 Black Widow, Camera Obscura Gallery, Tel Aviv  
1987 Paintings and Etchings, Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv  
Man and Machine, The Open Museum, Tefen 
1988 Hanoch Levin, Cameri Theater, Tel Aviv  
1992 Haknesset, Knesset Israel, Jerusalem 
1995 Index, Scottish House, Jaffa 
1998 Judges, Supreme Court of Israel, Jerusalem 
2000 Dibbuk, Ramat Gan Theater
2001 Prime Ministers, Avni Institute, Jaffa 
2004 Directors, Amiad Center, Jaffa 
2007 Back to the future, Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv
2016 Flesh and Blood, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (cat.)

Selected Group Exhibitions

1958 Hakibbutz Hameuchad Artist, Artists House, Tel Aviv 
1963 New Horizons, Museum of Art, Ein Harod
1965 Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv 
1967 10+, Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv 
1969 Three Israeli artists, Whitechapel Gallery, London 
1970 São Paulo Art Biennial
1972 From Landscape to Abstraction, From Abstraction to Nature, Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
1984 Flesh and Blood, Ben-Gurion University, Be'er Sheva 
1985 Masterpieces, Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
2004 Yona in Bezalel, Bezalel Gallery, Tel Aviv 
2008 The Birth of Now, Ashdod Art Museum
2009 A Selection of Israeli Art from the Collection of Gaby and Ami Brown, Museum of Art, 
Ein Harod

Prizes and  Awards

1965 Kolb Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1966 Erasmus Foundation Prize, Praemium Erasmianum Foundation
1969 Distinctive Mention, São Paulo Art Biennial 
1983 Graphics Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art  
1985 The Dizengoff Prize for Painting and Sculpture, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Selected Publications

Baruch, AdamPaintings and EtchingsTel Aviv: Gordon Gallery, 1972.

Fisher, YonaPaintings and SculpturesJerusalem: Israel Museum, 1969.

Gamzo, Haim. Paintings, Drawings, EtchingsTel Aviv Museum of Art , 1974.

Tartakover, David. IndexJerusalem: Ministry of Defense, 1995.

Yariv, Yeshayahu. Uri Lifshitz. Tel Aviv: Gordon Gallery, 1986.

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