Dalia Amotz
Dalia Amotz, Dalia Amotz, Dog's TracesDalia Amotz, EinamDalia Amotz,  EinamDalia Amotz,  Einam Dalia Amotz,  Valley of Ayalon
Dalia Amotz,  Valley of Ayalon Dalia Amotz,  Valley of AyalonDalia Amotz,  Valley of Ayalon Dalia Amotz,  Valley of AyalonDalia Amotz,  B'techaDalia Amotz,  B'techa
Dalia Amotz,  Jordan ValleyDalia Amotz, EnglandDalia Amotz, Tire TracesDalia Amotz, SceneryDalia Amotz, Death of the HouseDalia Amotz, The Golem

The estate of Dalia Amotz is represented exclusively by Gordon Gallery.

Born on Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, 1938
Moved to Jerusalem, 1962
Died on Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, 1994
Selected Solo Exhibitions


1973 "Dir Samit", The Little Gallery 2, Jerusalem
1975 "Death of the House", Debel Gallery, Jerusalem
1975 "Landscapes and Way of Life in Judea and Samaria", Volcani Institute, Rehovot
1977 Ben-Uri Art Gallery, London
1979 Printer's Gallery, Jerusalem
1980 Kibbutz Ha-Ogen
1988 "Violent Light", Photography Department Gallery, Bezalel Academy, 
Jerusalem; curator: Yitzak Livneh
1990 Lohamei Ha-Gettaot Gallery
1995 "Dalia Amotz, Memorial Display", works from the collection, Israel Museum, 
2000 "Dalia Amotz- The Dark Land ,Fields of Light"; curator Sarah Breitberg-Semel, 
Tel Aviv Museum
2003 "Photographs", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2011 "Photographs", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv    

Selected Group Exhibitions


1974 "Situation - Israeli Photographers '74", Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curators: Micha 
Bar-Am, Marc Scheps
1979 "Israeli Photography - First Acquisitions", Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Micha
1982 "Here and Now", Israel Museum, Jerusalem; curators: Yigal Zalmona, 
Meira Perry, Nissan Perez
1986 Nancy Lieberman Gallery, New York
        Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York
1988 "Skyline: Israeli Photographers Contemplate the Landscape", Tel Aviv Museum 
of Art; curator: Micha Bar-Am
1989 "Dalia Amotz, Gilad Ophir, Fruma Markowitz, Artists' Studios", The Aika (Ariel 
Brown) Gallery, Jerusalem; curator: Idit Porat
1979-1989 Tel Aviv Museum of Art; curator: Micha Bar-Am
1990 "From the Collection - The Israel Museum 25th Anniversary", Israel Museum, 
"The Museum as Collector - Selected Acquisitions 1979-1989", Tel Aviv Museum
1996  "Blind Spot Test II", Photography Department Gallery, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem; 
curators: Eyal Ben-Dov, Judith Guetta
2000 "Time Frame: A Century of Photography in the Land of Israel", Israel Museum, 
Jerusalem; curator: Nissan Perez 
Prizes and Awards


1976 The Enrique Kavlin Photography Prize, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1990 Oskar Handler Award, Lohamei Ha-Gettaot


Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Private collections in Israel and abroad

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