Liliane Klapisch
Liliane Klapisch, PortLiliane Klapisch, Sunset in HerzliyaLiliane Klapisch, FinLiliane Klapisch, BadDoitLiliane Klapisch, Black ChairLiliane Klapisch, Sunflower
Liliane Klapisch, UntitledLiliane Klapisch, UntitledLiliane Klapisch, Fruit BasketLiliane Klapisch, Au CaféLiliane Klapisch, QuatuorLiliane Klapisch, Untitled
Liliane Klapisch, UntitledLiliane Klapisch, UntitledLiliane Klapisch, Rue Emile Richard IIILiliane Klapisch, Reine ReneLiliane Klapisch, UntitledLiliane Klapisch, Jonah's Flowers
Liliane Klapisch, UntitledLiliane Klapisch, Untitled
Liliane Klapisch, UntitledLiliane Klapisch, Homage to Manet
Liliane Klapisch, UntitledLiliane Klapisch, Untitled
Liliane Klapisch, After Chagall ExhibitionLiliane Klapisch, Yellow RectangleLiliane Klapisch, After VelasquezLiliane Klapisch, Shortcut to JerusalemLiliane Klapisch, La VilleLiliane Klapisch, January 11

Born in Cachan, France, 1933
Immigrated to Israel, 1969
Lives and works in Jerusalem and Paris

1949-1951 Studied painting with artist Leon Zack in Cachan and Vanves
1951-1953 Studied painting at the Academie Ranson, Paris
Selected Solo Exhibitions


1966  Gallery La Roe, Paris
1970  Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv
1972  Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv
1974  Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv
1975  Gallery Oxy, Geneva 
1976  "Liliane Klapisch, Piaintings: 1967-1976," Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum,  curators: Haim Gamzu, Nehama Guralnik (cat.) 
1977  "Liliane Klapisch: Paintings and Drawings 1974-1977," The Israel Museum, Jerusalem,  curator: Yona Fischer (cat.)
1978  Galerie Jacquester, Paris
1979  Printers Gallery, Jerusalem
1980  Galerie Jacquester, Paris
1981  Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv
1982  Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv
1983  FIAC, Paris (in collaboration with Galerie Jacquester)
1984  FIAC, Paris (in collaboration with Bineth Gallery) 
Galerie Jacquester, Paris

1985           "Drawings," Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem

1986           Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv

1988           Galerie Jacquester, Paris

"Works on Paper," Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, curator: Yoram Meroz

1989           "Drawings," Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv

1990           Kunstlerhaus, Edenkoben, Germany

                 "Drawings," The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, curator: Meira Perry-Lehmann

1991           "New Paintings," Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv

1994           "Works on Paper," Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv

1996           "Liliane Klapisch: Paintings 1993-1996," Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat. Ariel Hirshfield)

1998           "Liliane Klapisch: Route no. 4," Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat. Rodi Bineth)

2002           "The Making of the Sea: A Chronicle of Exegesis," Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem,   curator: Nirit Nelson

2003           "Liliane Klapisch: Paintings 1949-2001," Tel Aviv Museum of Art, curator: Aya Lurie (cat.)

2012           "Papers: 1950-2012," Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014           Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017           "Most is New", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv (cat.)

2018           "Au jour le jour, 2008-2018", Musée-Galerie de Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, France

Selected Group Exhibitions


1954-1968, 1975, 1978, 1984, 1985  Salon des Realites Nouvelles, Paris
1956  Salon Comparais
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