Buky Schwartz
Buky Schwartz, Venus SynchronicityBuky Schwartz, TreeBuky Schwartz, TreeBuky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, Yellow Triangle Buky Schwartz, Yellow Triangle
Buky Schwartz, Yellow Triangle Buky Schwartz, Yellow Star of David Buky Schwartz, Yellow Triangle Buky Schwartz, Yellow TriangleBuky Schwartz, Identified ObjectBuky Schwartz, Israel, Palestine
Buky Schwartz, HouseBuky Schwartz, HouseBuky Schwartz, Housing Complex Buky Schwartz, Facing Eternity Buky Schwartz, Untitled (detail from the installation Pinball) Buky Schwartz, Untitled
Buky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, Untitled
Buky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, UntitledBuky Schwartz, Untitled

Born in Jerusalem, 1932

Died in Tel Aviv, 2009

1957-1959 Studied at Avni School of Art, Tel Aviv

1959-1962 Studied at Saint Martin’s School of Art, London


Selected Solo Exhibitions

1968  Tel Aviv Museum
1971 Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1976 "Mirror Sculptures", Ok Harris Gallery, New York 
1977 "Painted Projections", Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv
1978 "Videoconstructions", Installation, OK Harris Gallery, New York 
"Videoconstructions", Installation, I.C.C., Antwerp, Belgium
1979 "Video Color Bars", Akron Art Institute, OH
1980 "Videosculpture", Winter Olympics, Lake Placid, NY 
"Videoconstructions", Installation, Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1981 "3 Video Works", Art Museum, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA 
"Fall 1981", Israel Museum, Jerusalem
"3d Imprint", Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv
"3d Imprint", Anthology Film Archives, New York City
1984 "Yellow Gate", P.S. 1, Institute Of Art & Urban Resources, NY
"Airport Video", International Arrivals Building, John F. Kennedy, New York 
"Red Flags In The Snow", Middlebury College, VT
1986 "Three Angles Of Coordination For Monitoring The Labyrinthian Space", Mattress Factory,   Pittsburgh, PA
"Video Spiral", North Carolina Museum Of Art, Raleigh, NC
"T.V. Stripes on Tree Stumps", American Museum Of The Moving Image, Astoria, 
New York 
1989 "The Picture’s Surface and Form Of Detachment", Delta Gallery (Hubertus Wunschik),  Dusseldorf, Germany
"Mobius Strip, The Picture’s Surface, And Form Of Detachment, Spaces", Cleveland, OH
"Air Lines", Eric Stark Gallery, New York City
"Mobius Strip", Kijkhuis, The Hague, Holland
1990 "Sony Presents Buky Schwartz", 1990, The Ramat Gan Museum
"Video Space For a Blue House", Eastern Washington University, Spokane
1991 "Video Sunflowers", M.U.H.K.A. Museum, Antwerpen, Belgium 
"Tel Aviv-New York, Interim Title", Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv
1992 "Venus Synchronicity", Lutz Teutloff Gallery, Koln, Germany
1993 "Video Sculptures for the Sony Pavilion at Cebit", Hanover, Germany
1995 "Facing Oneself", Lutz Teutloff Gallery, Koln, Germany
1996 "A View From Above", Video Installation, Harn Museum, Gainesville, FL     
1997 "Foresthill ’97", Umedalen Skulptur ’97, Umea, Sweden
1998 "In The Footsteps Of Yellow Triangle ’98", Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv  
1999 "Kunst Kunst Li; Video Installation, In 2 Parts, With 300 Artificial Roses", Neuruppin,  Germany
2000  "4 Interactive Installations", Avni School Of Art Gallery
2002 "Question Mark Mirror Installation", Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv

Selected Group Exhibitions

1966 "Venice Biannale"

1971 "Symposium Urbanum", Nurenberg, West Germany

1974 "Beyond Drawing", Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1975 "Storm King Art Center", New York

1976 "Painting And Sculpture Today", Indianapolis Museum

"Group", Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York

1977 "Forms in Focus", Co-Op City, New York

"Sculpture Now", Potsdam, NY

1979 "Yellow Triangle, Re-Visions", Whitney Museum, New York 

1980 "Biennale de la Critique", Palais De Beaux Arts, Charleroi, France

"Beyond Surface", ICC, Antwerp, Belgium 

"White Flags Triangle", Landscape Sculpture, Tel Hai

1981 "Carnegie International", Art Museum, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh

"In Real Time", Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum, New York City

"Spring 1981", Film/Video Installations, Thorpe Intermedia Gallery, Sparkill, NY 

"Iz Bienal De Arte", Medellin, Colombia

1983 "Videoconstructions Videotape", Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil

"Yellow Diagonal", Artpark, Lewiston, NY

1984 "Box 1984, Current Five” The Milwaukee Art Museum, WI

"A History Of Video Art", The Museum Of Modern Art, New York 

"T.V. On A Table", Tel Aviv Museum

"T.V. Stripes 1985", Haags Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, Holland

1986 "Pink Roof, Engaging Objects: The Participatory Act of Mirrors, Mechanism and Shelters,"

The Clocktower, New York

"Untitled 1986, Intericon 86,” Charlottenbourg, Copenhagen 

"Through the Looking Glass, The Other Television: Video by Artists”, Fort Wayne Museum

of Art, IN 

1987 "Relay Stations", Video Installation in Documenta 8, Kassel, West Germany

1988 "Forfera, New American Video Art: Expanded Forms,” And Exhibition with Nam June Paik 

and Bruce Nauman, Linz, Austria and Camerino, Italy; curator: John Hanhardt,

"Video See Saw, Trojan Horse, Video Art: Expanded Forms,” Whitney Museum At The

Equitable Center, New York 

1989 "Three Angles of Coordination for Monitoring the Labyrinthian Space 1985-1986",

Videosculpture Retrospective and Actual 1963-1969, Koln-Berlin-Zurich, Kolnischer 

Kunstverein, Koln, West Germany 

"Three Points Of Observation, The Presence Of Absence: New Installations", Independent

Curators Incorporated, New York, Travelling Exhibition

1990 "Frieze 1990 (A Videosculpture)", Paula Anglim Gallery, San Francisco

1993 "Sculpting The Spectator", A Project For Construction In Process IV, Lodz, Poland

"Flying Marx, Monumental Propaganda", Independent Curators Incorporated, New York

1994 "Along New Lines, A Drawing Exhibition", Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1995 "Intervention In The Museum Space", Museum of Modern Art

"Video Seesaw", First Biennale, Kuang Ju, South Korea

1998 "Yellow Triangle ’79, Israeli Art In The Seventies", Tel Aviv Museum

"Yellow Triangle ’79", Collection of the Whitney Museum at the San Jose Museum, 


2000 "Collection, Arturo & Silvia Schwarz", Tel Aviv Museum

"Group Drawing Exhibition", Julie M. Gallery, Tel Aviv

"Group 70’s-2000", Nelly Aman Gallery, Tel Aviv 

"Between Water & Sky",  3rd Biennale of Installations, Haifa Museum of Art

1999 "Yellow Star Of David", Mirror Installation, Ikd International Kunstforum, Drewen, 


2002 "Black Sun, The Boundaries of Sculpture", The Open Museum, Tefen

2003 "Box # 1 (1968) Communication Interferences", Haifa Museum of Art

Prizes and Awards


1961  House and Garden Prize, London

Sainsbury Award, London

1971 Nuremberg Urban Symposium Purchase Award

Dizengoff Prize, Tel Aviv Museum

Sainsbury Award, London

Deutscher Kritikerpreis, Berlin

1980 CAPS Fellowship

1983 NYSCA Video Art Award

1986  Mid Atlantic States Art Consortium Residency, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA

1987  Guggenheim Fellowship

1988  Sculpture Grant, National Endowment for the Arts

1989  L’immagine Elettronica, Annual International Prize for Videosculpture, Ferrara, Italy

1990  Guggenheim Grant for Publication

1992  Pollock-Krasner Grant for Videosculpture, New York 

1995  Combining Art with Architecture Prize, Tel Aviv Foundation

2002  Combining Art with Architecture Prize, Tel Aviv Foundation 

2007  Dani Sandel Prize, Tel Aviv Museum


Selected Collections:


Israeli T.V. offices, Channel 2, Jerusalem

Tel Aviv Museum

Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA

Whitney Museum, New York

Marine Company, Discount Bank, New York

Hara Museum, Tokyo

Sony Company, Koln, Germany

Beth Hatefutsoth, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv University

American Jewish Museum, Philadelphia

Jewish Museum, New York

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

El Al Israel Airlines, Zurich

El Al Israel Airlines, Johannesburg

Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

Knesset (Parliament), Jerusalem

Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv

Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot



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