Ido Bar-El
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Born in Israel, 1959 
Lives and works in Tel Aviv


1980–1984 Studied at Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem (BFA)
Since 1996 Teaches at Hamidrasha School of Art, Ramat Hasharon and Beit Berl College, Kalmaniya
Since 1997 Teaches at Bezalel Academy for Arts, Jerusalem
Since 2003 Head of the Art Department and senior lecturer at Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design,    Jerusalem

Selected Solo Exhibitions


1987 "Israeli Art Special Exhibit", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
The Artists’ House Gallery, Tel Aviv 
The Gallery of Bezalel Art & Design Academy, Jerusalem
1988 "Tongue in Cheek", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1989 Oranim Art Institute Gallery
1991 Kibbutz Cabri Art Gallery
Atelier Asperger Gallery, Berlin, Germany
1993 "Ido Bar-El Works", The Contemporary Art Museum, Belgium 
The Tel-Aviv Art Museum, Tel Aviv 
Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1995 "Street Signs and Other Works", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1996 University of Haifa Art Department Gallery, Haifa
1997 "Silvery Works", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Construction Works", The Herzliya Art Museum
1998 "Street Signs", Olaf Stuber Gallery, Berlin, Germany
1999 "New Paintings", The Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv
2000 "Works never exposed before", Kibbutz Be’eri Art Gallery
2001 "Canvases and White Paintings", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Papers", The Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv 
"Ido Bar-El: Painting", The Comtemporary Art Museum, Antwerp, Belgium
2003 "Ido Bar-el Paintings", The Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland 
The Art Gallery at Oranim Training College, Kiriat Tivon
2004 "Ido Bar-el Paintings", Derbi Palace, Tukms, Latvia 
"Ido Bar-el Paintings", Arka Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania 
"Ido Bar-el Paintings", Liepajas Museum, Latvia 
"2001-2004 AM PM Paintings", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2005 "Ido Bar-El: Paintings", Historical and Art Museum Daugspghils, Latvia
2006  "Selected Works 1985-2006", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009  "Sign", Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod

2011  "The Pictures Fell off the Wall", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013 "Good Night, and Good Luck", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

2015 "Bagatelle", Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Selected Group Exhibitions


1984 The Art Department’s Gallery, Bezalel Art and Design Academy 
1986 "The Artists’ Studios", The Ika Brown Gallery, Jerusalem
"6 Young Artists", Ahad Ha’am Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1987 "Recent Acquisitions", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
"36 Artists", Bugrashov Gallery, Tel- Aviv
1988 "Fresh Paint;The young generation in the Israeli Art”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art 
"The Critics’ Choice", Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Down With the Occupation", Rega Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"The Education & Culture Award Winners", The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan 
"Art in L.A.", Givon Gallery, Art Fair in Los Angeles, U.S.A 
"Neun Israeliche Maler", Kunsthaus, Zurich, Orangerie Herrenhausen, Hannover
1989 "The Israeli Proposal", The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan 
"Other Frequencies", Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York 
"Israeli Art: Recent Acquisitions", Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1990  "More Than Drawing", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Towards the 90’s", Mishkan Le Omanut, Ein Harod, Israel 
"Five Painters from Israel", Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London 
"The Promise – Young Artists Bezalel Art & Design Academy Graduates", The Inauguration  of Bezalel Art & Design
Academy in Jerusalem
1991  "Israeli Art Now – Extensive Presentation", Tel-Aviv Museum of Art 
"Combined Painting", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1992 "Routes of Wandering", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
"Positionen Israel", Bethanien Art Center, Berlin
1993 "In Extenso", Recent Acquisitions 1998-1993, The Contemporary Art Museum, Ghent,  Belgium
"Makom", Israeli Contemporary Art, The 20th Century Museum, The Modern Art Museum,  Ludwig Collection, Vienna 
"Ghent Was Invited – Jan Hoet’s Choice", De Beyerd, Breda, The Netherlands
1994 "Halal", Contemporary Art from Israel, Sala 1, Roma 
"Art… Language", Kunst Werke, Berlin 
"Tel-Aviv Follows the Bauhaus", The Ha’aretz House, Tel Aviv 
"Black Holes: The White Locus", The Israeli Presentation at The 22nd Biennial of Sao Paolo,  Brazil, (exhibited in Brazil, Argentina and The Haifa Museum) 
"Homework", The Herzliya Art Museum; The University of Haifa Art Gallery; The Arad  Museum; The Ashdod Museum 
"Hard Emphasizes", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1995 The British, Israeli & Argentinian Presentation of the 22nd Biennial of Sao Paolo, Centro  Cultural Recolecta, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
"4X4", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Regretfully I Don’t Agree with My Learned Colleagues", The Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv 
"The First Glance", Works of The Rita & Arturo Schwartz Collection, The Israel Museum,  Jerusalem 
"And the Verdict Is", Jack Shainman Gallery, New York
1996 "Ketav: Flesh and Word in Isreali Art", Contemporary Israeli Art, Auckland Art Museum, 
The University of North Carolina, U.S.A 
"New Morning Sights", Hambacher Castle, Germany
1997 Tanya Rempff Gallery, Haarlem, The Netherlands 
"Hussein the Peace King", The RJ Alia Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan 
"Painting on a Non Regular Surface", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1998 "The Lesser Light", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
"Per Video", The Ludwig Museum, Koln, Germany, Nova Gallery Katovich, Poland, Galeria  Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Torino, Italy 
"Summer Collection", Tel-Aviv Museum of Art 
"After Rabin: Israeli Contemporary Art", The Jewish Museum, New York 
"Le Fou du Roi", Salles d’Expositions, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Nimes, France 
"The Dream House", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1999 "On Paper", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"This Isn’t a Ready Made", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
"Homage to Rafi Lavi", Givon Gallery, Tel-Aviv Mus'e d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain,  Liege, Belgium 
 Shimshon Crystal Collection, The Artists’ Pavilion, Tel Aviv
2000 "Wall of His Own", The Benno Kalev Collection, Tel Aviv Museum of Art 
"Wish List", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
"Havana Nagila", Isreali-Cuban dialogue, The Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios, Tel Aviv 
"Israeli Art", The "M" Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria 
"The Israeli Phoenix, Selected Art Works", The Sultan’s Stables, Istanbul 
"Per Video", Dar-El-Kalima Art Center, Bethlehem, The Palestinian Authority
2001 "Love at First Sight", Works of The Rita & Arturo Schwartz Collection, The Israel Museum,  Jerusalem 
"The Right to Return", The Nation Home Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"The Aura in Art", The Art Studies Center, Ramat Eliyahu, Rishon Letsion, Israel 
"The Sciences, Culture & Sport Award Winners", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
"Where are the Children: On the Abandoning of Children in Our Era", Givon Gallery, 
Tel Aviv 
"Traces", Contemporary Drawing in Israel, The Artists’ House, Jerusalem
2002 "Zman Achshav", Works of the International Collection, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
"Chilufim", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art
"Where are the children", The Ein Harod Art Museum, Israel 
"D.I.Y. Art Collecting – Collecting as an Art", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
"Homage for Hanoch Levin", Prints’ Series of Israel’s best Artists, The New Cameri Theatre,  Tel Aviv
2003 "Transfer", Kunstmuseum, Bonn, Germany 
"Transfer", Museum Am Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany 
"Homage for Hanoch Levin", Prints’ Series of Israel’s Best Artists, Traveling show in Israel 
"Boseretro", Youth works of artists at their onset, The Art Gallery of The State Art  Teachers’ Training College, Beth Berl, Israel
2004 "How to Explain Art to a Dead Rabbit?" The Polack Art Gallery, Kalisher Institute, Tel Aviv 
"In the Collection", The Contemporary Art Museum, Antwerp, Belgium 
"The Lesser the Better", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Stockholm Art Fair", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv 
"Ido Bar-El, Yanai Toyster, Nahum Tevet, Kobi Levi", Gallery Tal-Ester, Tel Aviv 
"The 80’s in Israeli Art", Didactic Gallery, Oranim Training College, Israel
2005 "Lights", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
"Drawing-Sketch", The P.K.Hoenich Gallery for Experimental Art & Architecture, The  Technion, Haifa 
"Favorites", Givon Gallery, Tel Aviv
"Painting", Charim Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2006  "The Suffocation of Painting", The Fine Arts Royal Museum, Antwerp, Belgium
"Detail", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2007  "The Rear", The First Herzliya Biennial of Contemporary Art, Herzliya
2012 "After", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2015 "Summer Exhibition", Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

Prizes and Awards

1984 The Ehud Elhanani Award, The Art Departement, Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem
1987 The Beatrice S. Coliner Young Artist Award, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1998 The Young Artist Award, The Minister of Education and Culture
1993 The Hadassah & Raphael Klatchkin Creativity Award, The America-Israel 
Culture Fund
1996 The Israeli Artist Award, The Minister of Education and Culture
2001 Creativity Encouragement Award, The Minister of Sciences, Culture and Sports
2014  The Rappaport Prize for an Established Israeli Painter, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Selected Collections


The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
The Isreal Museum
The Herzliya Art Museum
The Ghent Contemporary Art Museum, Belgium
The Antwerp ModernArt Museum – Museum van Hedendagsse Kunst
The IBM collection
The Israeli Phoenix collection
The Charles Bronfman collection
The Werner’s family collection


Selected Publications

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